My Background

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After graduation from Ohio Northern University back in 1975, my first position was helping families and children who were involved with a Children’s Services Board. I learned much about a harder side of life and family disruption issues. As it was a progressive agency steeped in training, working there focused my desire to become a family therapist and continue on in graduate school. I won a scholarship stipend to attend the University of Denver School of Social Work, graduating in 1979.

I returned to The Children’s Services Board to work with teenagers in the Board’s residential treatment programs. These were challenging kids and difficult family situations. My training as a family therapist truly began with video taping every family and group therapy session I could.

While training with the team, video taping and review taught all of us a lot about treatment, change, and oneself. As we progressed in our understanding of the therapy theories, approaches, and the use of oneself we all grew. Learning to become a change agent in treatment consumed all of us. The learning was very intense!

Eventually, I made my way to Cincinnati to broaden my skills, approaches and to take a new position. Teaching, training, and learning continued to be a passion. I worked first at Beech Acres in the residential and family division. Then I had the opportunity to instruct with the University of Cincinnati in Psychology and Sociology. This may have kept me young at heart!

After I departed The University of Cincinnati, I helped build a Chemical Dependency Outpatient Program from scratch with The Christ Hospital. The focus was to change the entire family system, both the chemically addicted and the codependent that were stuck to their disease. At one time our staff was supported by a volunteer recovery group of over 200 who were dedicated in assisting the newly recovering family members in the program. This was a truly rewarding experience for all!

As with many therapist, I have worked over the years in a variety of settings: Mental Health Centers, Employee Assistance Programs, Residential Treatment, Group Homes, Hospitals, and Universities. There have been workshops and trainings with small and large groups, consulting with industry. A diverse and creative career.

Through these experiences I began to shape and build a private practice. I have been in independent practice since 1983.

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