First Time for Therapy?

When considering therapy for the first time, it can be a little fearful! You may have never felt the kind of pain your feeling. Struggling to feel worthwhile you could see therapy as a weakness, as apposed to strength. Clearly, I see seeking help as a strength. In the first session I strive to help you feel comfortable with the idea of sharing thoughts and feelings about your life and the issues that concern you.

In a good first session, we will explore your thoughts and feelings together, talking about what is bothering you in your life, who it affects besides you, and develop an approach to get some where that would be more comfortable, a possible solution.

In the next few sessions, the working phase of therapy, we will work together where you will feel supported, respected and encouraged. The sifting through the feelings and thoughts you have can be extremely empowering, moving from a problem centered to a growth centered understanding of you.

The collaboration between you and I is like no other relationship in your life! It is a place to explore ideas, feelings, and beliefs, create new behavior patterns that are more successful as you gain a better understanding of yourself.

If the issues are within your relationship with another, coming together can be extremely helpful. Healing can occur rather quickly as the communication patterns can be managed through my interventions. Often with immediate results.

A few sessions can change a life!